I know… It sounds terrible!

But believe us: a mat full of small plastic spikes will change everything you know about relaxation and pain-relief…

BON is the pioneer in portable versions of the ancient Indian bed of nails, so popularly seen being used by yogis in pop culture.

The thing is: IT WORKS! And not only for indian yogis, but for everyone!

The science behind it is called ACUPRESSURE: A less invasive and easier to apply version of the chinese acupuncture! The 100% non-toxic, recyclable HIPS plastic is not sharp enough to hurt your skin, but applies enough pressure to be effective at stimulating circulation and the release of endorphins, alleviating pains and sore muscles!

BON is the only Acupressure Mat with 8,820 pressure points. And in Acupressure, more pressure points = less discomfort and more healing!

With 20 minutes a day just chilling on your mat, you will relax, unwind, alleviate sore muscles and aches and even have an improved sleep!

You don’t have to trust us… Trust the hundreds of positive reviews made by customers just like you!

BON Mat - Green - Bed of Nails

How it Works

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