The Doctors BUZZ Bed of Nails

The Doctors BUZZ Bed of Nails

The Doctors say: it’s a BUZZ!

Secretly, we knew they would… (although I guess we’re a bit biased 

It’s actually not uncommon for customers to feel a hint of nervousness or caution before trying their BON for the first time, especially if they have sensitive skin.

And while we provide plenty of “getting started” tips for BON beginners, the truth is, the nails don’t hurt at all! Due to the high number of nails (over 8000!), your body weight is evenly distributed over the many nails, softening the pressure.

One thing to keep in mind, stepping on the BON Mat is the most intense thing you can do. And the trick to get the pain to go away is to not jump around or sway on it like Dr. O does, but to stay still and let the nails do the work (you don’t have to).

Ready to take on the Doctor’s Challenge?

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