Make Your 4th of July Tasty & Healthy

Summer is now in full swing and all over the US, we are getting set for one of the biggest holidays of the year – 4th of July! We love summer holidays, they are the perfect opportunity to be festive, get together, and take a break from our daily routines. Reconnecting with family and friends, somehow always involves delicious food. Have you thought about how to tie in nutritious, natural foods into your favorite holiday dishes? Let us guide you to the best Independence Day menu, without compromising on your healthy living!


Fresh, Fun & Raw Recipes with Karma Chow

Santa Barbara based Celebrity Chef and Cleanse Expert Melissa at Karma Chow has created a collection of recipes for healthy and delicious summer treats, that we are SO excited to share with you.  Her work as an author and nutritionist speaks for itself in the health and wellness community as personal chef to Master Fitness Trainer & Creator of P90X – Tony Horton.  


Karma Cho Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

Tested, tried, and true – our vote for the best sweet treat to beat the heat this holiday is Missy’s cool and refreshing  Strawberry Coconut Pops. These low-glycemic fruit pops pack tons of flavor and yet are so simple with just 4 ingredients.  A must try for the 4th!


Karma Chow Raw Kale & Apple Salad

If you are looking to bring a new and healthy twist to the traditional side dish, this Raw Kale & Apple Salad is to.die.for.  What better way to re-energize and nourish your mind, body, and soul without losing out on the wonderful flavors of summer this holiday?  Kale is a superfood that has so many health benefits, especially eaten raw. Perfect for your backyard BBQ, this salad has a cilantro-garlic finish that is crisp, savory, and oh so good.


Karma Chow Honey’d Apricot BBQ Sauce

And last, but not least…the sauce; the staple for every cookout on this Holiday.  Why purchase bottled BBQ sauce when you can create your own? We fell in love with this fruit based Honey’d Apricot BBQ Sauce.  Glazed onto grilled portobello mushrooms or veggies – it gives any main dish that extra kick of magic – the succulent flavors of summer.


Be Well

And after that beautiful sunset and the smell of fireworks still lingering in the air, what better way to relax into your vacation than on your Bed of Nails.  Stay tuned for our next post where we talk about how to best get the use of your Bed of Nails during your summer vacation.

Young Woman Enjoying Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat & Pillow at the Beach with Waves behind her

Here is to a Happy 4th in good health!

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