How I overcame debilitating fibromyalgia...

When my oldest son was 8 months old, it became clear that my marriage would never last. I had always approached life with an open mind and open heart – believing that anything was possible – and this was how I approached raising my son.

But my husband didn’t like it. Not only that, but he tried to change it. Tried to change me.

I remember one argument that we had after our son tried to climb up a chair. My husband had pulled him off, telling him not to climb. “I don’t want him on the chair, he doesn’t know how to climb,” he said. To which I replied, “how is he ever going to learn if he can´t practice it?!”

Arguments like this became a daily occurrence for us. I was tired of his square box he lived in, and I was afraid that he would transfer his fears to our son.

But time passed, and even though I wanted to leave the relationship, I didn’t. I grew fearful of my husband instead. Over time the stress accumulated in my body, and I developed fibromyalgia. I felt stuck, and my body ached on a daily basis.

With fibromyalgia, my daily life was full of surprises, and not good ones. My body ached all over, and I could hardly walk after 6:00PM. I rarely made plans with friends because I knew that my pain would be too strong. Playing with my kids worked sometimes, but mostly they just heard me say “be gentle with me, my body hurts.” Even a simple hug would hurt sometimes.

And of course living in a unhappy and unhealthy relationship did not help.

Another 7 years passed and one more child came before I developed the self-confidence to speak my feelings out loud. “It’s over,” I said to him.

And this is the story about how Bed of Nails was instrumental in getting me through the hardest days of my life.

A few months after our separation, I met Carina and learned all about the Bed of Nails technology – a mindbody tool based off an ancient healing practice to balance the body, stimulate positive feelings and relieve pain. I was in so much pain!

But perhaps it could work for me too, I thought. Perhaps my body could also heal itself and my mind can find peace again.

One thing led to another, and I started to use Bed of Nails daily, at least 30 minutes a day. In just a few weeks, what seemed like a miracle actually became my reality! I felt an enormous strength grow within me, and the pain I had lived with for so many years was no longer there. My body was rushing with those endorphins that I had missed for such a long time!

Could it really be my Bed of Nails?

I did a little experiment. I skipped my BON sessions for several weeks, and sure enough, my body and mental state went back to where it was. Afraid, anxious, nervous about the future, constantly tired.

So I went back to my daily Bed of Nails session. Every day, every morning or evening, and on weekends, I’m on my pink Mat and on my black Pillow; reflecting, processing, working out ideas, come to conclusions and decisions. Ideas were born, written down and executed. Finally, my own dream started to live.

My headaches disappeared.

My stressed decreased.

My fibromyalgia was hardly noticeable!  

Most importantly, I had my power back and felt that life was good.

I was happy.

Today I use my Bed of Nails everyday, and I rarely feel any pain. When I need extra dose of energy, I use it. When I need to relax, I use it. Somehow it knows what I need! I feel certain that without my Bed of Nails sessions my life would not be what it is today. Joyful, happy and just so good!

Love and Cheers,


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