5 Health and Wellness Tips for Returning to Work and School After Summer

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As the summer sun sets, and fall is on the horizon, it’s time to make the transition back to school and work routines. Long, warm days are slowly getting shorter as you head back to your regular programming. As you replace Vitamin D with work or school it’s only natural that you’ll be looking for ways to boost your relaxation, energy, and mood.

Making the transition to fall and winter can be smooth and enjoyable if you follow our top 5 tips for going back to work or school after the summer:


Lay on a Bed of Nails Mat

For some, heading back to a busy fall schedule can feel daunting after a long summer break. For others, the structure of a work or school routine is a welcome change from the long, unscheduled days of summer. However you’re feeling heading back into work and school, you’re probably looking to make that transition as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Luckily the BON Mat and accessories can help ease you back into your fall routine. If you’re feeling rested and recharged from a lazy summer, the mat can help you keep that frame of mind. Even if you’re excited about heading back to school or work, there can always be a sense of stress and anxiety that accompanies the transition. Your Bed of Nails is perfect for putting yourself in the right frame of mind to tackle everything on your to do list. 

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After all, BON Mats and accessories aren’t just beneficial for your physical ailments. They also help with mental wellness to combat back to school stress and anxiety. Our acupressure mats have the ability to stimulate relaxation and help you release endorphins. Even just a couple of minutes on our revolutionary acupressure mats can help you feel less stressed and more energized for the day ahead.

Whether you lay down on the pillow, stretch out on the mat or use the strap to isolate an area, our acupressure mats are designed to reach every nook and cranny when it comes to your body’s pressure points. Relax into the mats and rejuvenate your body and mind as you take on the challenges of breaking out of the post-summer funk.


Bring Your Acupressure Products to Work or School

Coming into autumn means most of us will be working on our computers or slouched over books all day. But you don’t need to spend everyday with a stiff neck and back. The Bed of Nails acupressure mat and accessories are perfect for using while you work and during breaks!

All of the Bed of Nails products are designed to be portable. Whether you’re taking your BON Mat to work or just the Pillow and Strap, each comes with a stylish carry bag to make it easier to take on the go. Or keep an extra set at the office so you’re always prepared!

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We highly recommend using the BON Pillow in the office or when working from home. The ergonomic design fits perfectly between the curve of your back and your desk chair for lumbar support, helping to increase circulation in your lower back and offset the effects of sitting all day. You can also use the pillow underneath your feet for zone therapy to stimulate the organs in your body. It’s also great to use on your neck to beat tech neck after a day at the computer!

Taking a small break from work to go for a walk, or hit your body with some acupressure, will not only help ease the stress in the moment, but afterwards you’ll feel more relaxed and productive to tackle whatever challenges lay ahead. Endorphins have also been known to help with anxiety, which can build quickly as the pressures build in the workplace or at school.


More Plants, More Green Smoothies

After overindulging at summer BBQs with an extra serving of potato salad or a couple of extra beers, you’re probably craving more green plants in your life. Making sure you have a balanced diet is a key part of setting yourself up for a healthy and productive fall. After all, we do our best work and studying when we have nutritious food in our system.

An easy way to incorporate a healthy serving of plants into your diet is to blend them into a smoothie and drink them. Save time by making a large blender of green smoothie at the start of the week. Recycle old glass juice and kombucha bottles to pour the leftover juice to enjoy throughout the week. A go to green smoothie recipe that ticks all boxes contains leafy greens like kale and spinach, ginger and turmeric, orange juice as a base and any number of different stone fruits to sweeten the juice.

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Plan Fun Weekends

The end of summer and return to school means goodbye vacations and lazy summer days doing nothing. Whether you spent your summer traveling for weeks at a time or just took it easy on a lounge chair in the backyard, this can be a hard transition for anyone.

But just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Planning fun weekend getaways or any other fall activities you enjoy doing will give you something to look forward to and help alleviate any back to school or work dread. You might not have the same amount of time that you did during the summer break, but choosing quality over quantity will ensure you've got plenty of fun lined up.

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Don’t forget to schedule weekends for yourself for some rest and relaxation. After a busy week of school or work, it never hurts to block out a weekend of doing absolutely nothing! Can’t sit still? Replace being on the go with more slow paced activities. Visit farmer’s markets, bake apple pies, watch the leaves change color and give your mind, body and soul time to transition into this new season.


Stay Active

As the days get shorter and colder it can be easy to drop off that killer exercise routine you had during the summer. Cold mornings and jogging in the dark after work isn’t the most inspiring way to get your exercise, but if you drop off now it’s going to be even harder in the winter to restart.

Carve time out of your day for exercise, even if it means jumping on the exercise bike while you check your morning emails or getting in a couple of extra miles over lunch time. The more active you stay the more energy you’ll have to face the day. Exercising is proven to help release endorphins, so even when you feel low energy, getting outside and moving your body will actually help recharge you.

Feeling sore after a workout? Spend a few extra minutes on the Bed of Nails acupressure mat to help relieve the tension and get yourself ready for tomorrow’s workout!

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Heading back to work or school after the summer might feel like a bummer, but it can be a smooth transition with a good routine of exercise, healthy eating, fun future activities planned and some acupressure to ease the tension.

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