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A full decade and going stronger than ever!! To celebrate our 10 years with you, our beloved BON Tribe, we are excited to announce the launch of our new BON ECO line - our eco-friendly take on Bed of Nails with linen fabric, coconut fiber and buckwheat hull fillers. We are committed to the health of our BON Tribe and also to the health of our environment, and this new line is the perfect balance of the two.

Over the years we’ve researched and tested, and researched again, to find the most sustainable materials for BON. Our BON ECO line features sustainable materials that are better for the environment and more luxurious for you.

Did we mention how excited we are?! It’s been a dream come true to bring these new products to market and that day is finally here. 

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Are you ready to feel the difference?

BON ECO Features four products: the BON ECO Mat, the BON ECO Pillow, the BON ECO Cushion, and the BON ECO Strap.  

100% Linen Fabric

Everything in the new BON ECO line is made with sustainable linen fabric. Did you know linen requires less water to grow than other fabric materials? It’s also stronger when wet, recyclable and biodegradable. Linen is more hygienic to use as it breathes better, which keeps you cool and dry.

100% Coconut Fiber Filling

For more environmentally friendly support, our biodegradable coconut fiber filling gives the mat a heavier, more substantial feel and even more long-lasting strength. Like linen, the coconut fiber also breathes better, keeping you cool and dry.

100% Buckwheat Hull

Biodegradable these hulls allow for constant air circulation through the pillow, which keeps you cool and dry. Since the buckwheat hull is springy and doesn’t compress under pressure, it provides firm, contouring support that supports proper rest of your head and neck positioning while reducing stress on your neck, head and spine.

100% Recyclable HIPS Plastic

All of our products are made with the same high quality, recyclable HIPS plastic we’ve always used; 100% non-toxic recyclable plastic, certified for use in surgical products. The nails are secured to the linen fabric with a melting process rather than environmentally-damaging glue.

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Just like the BON Signature Mat, there are 8,820 Nails on the BON ECO Mat which is more than most acupressure mats on the market. More nails allows for more treatment and more comfort. This is preferable as less nails not only provide less treatment, it’s also a more painful experience with more weight on each nail.


BON ECO Pillow & Cushion

Rest your head, neck, back and even feet on one of the two pillow choices within the ECO line: the BON ECO Pillow and the all new BON ECO Cushion. Both are filled with buckwheat hull creating a supportive surface that easily fits the contours of your body. The pillows can be used together or separately in a variety of ways. The BON ECO Cushion makes a great meditation pillow while the BON ECO Pillow can provide support to your neck, lower back, behind your knees and more.




And finally we have the BON ECO Strap. The lightweight linen fabric makes it even easier to take this BON Strap along with you. Wrap it around you, tie it in place and continue receiving the BON benefits while you’re on the go. Can be worn underneath your clothes.



So, HAPPY 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TO US!!! A decade of our wonderful BON Tribe helping each other, creating a healthier lifestyle with the healing powers of each others support in acupressure and aromatherapy.

In honor of our big 1-0 we also rolled out. Come check it out! One of our favorite features is the reviews on each product. Now you can leave your feedback and help others decide which BON products will help them best.

This milestone year really deserves a big splash, something bigger than a new website… What better way to celebrate than by introducing new products?! And BON ECO isn’t all! Watch this space for more new products coming soon!

Be Well ~
Carina & The BON Team

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