Bed of Nails + Lifeforce Academy: Exclusive Wellness Coaching for the New Year

Celebrity Wellness Coach Tanja Djelevic laying on a BON ECO Acupressure Pillow on her lower back

Start the New Year with Bed of Nails and Celebrity Wellness Coach, Tanja Djelevic! Tanja utilizes Bed of Nails Acupressure tools in Lifeforce Academy, her fitness and wellness program, and she’s opening up her exclusive program to us!

Classes begin January 9th and right now she’s offering a 25% DISCOUNT to our BON Tribe with promo code BON25. Register here.

Tanja is a longtime friend of mine (we both split our time between Los Angeles and Sweden), and I know firsthand how incredible her coaching is for anyone looking to feel healthier while managing their stress. Her passion for physiology, psychology, and nutrition has led her to design an incredible behavioral training program that helps you make real, long-term changes for your body and mind.

Her program, Lifeforce Academy, is an 8-week long, online Holistic Wellness program with weekly training videos, workshops on nutrition, and Tanja’s best food tips and tricks. It starts Monday, January 10 and registration is open now! Now you can also experience what the stars of Hollywood have been using to feel better!

Watch this Chest Opener sequence to see just one of the ways she and her clients use Bed of Nails, in this video our BON ECO Acupressure Pillow.

With 2022 right around the corner I wanted to find a way to help you be what you want to be. We always have an opportunity to create the reality we want for our lives. And with a fresh, new year almost here, why wait?

So, I’m inviting you to join me and Tanja as we begin 2022 with this focus on health. With Tanja’s personal training program, we will build strength and stamina, w use our Bed of Nails for recovery, eat better, and make time for self-care to ultimately feel healthier. That’s what LIFEFORCE ACADEMY and BON LIVING are all about.

Say it with me, “New Year, Healthy Me!” Now get your Bed of Nails ready and reserve your spot today!

~ Carina and the BON Team

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