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A Healthier Lifestyle a Thousand Years in the Making

A Healthier Lifestyle a Thousand Years in the Making

What is Bed of Nails?

Inspired by ancient Indian healing tradition, bed of nails is believed to have been around for thousands of years. Today it is reinvented in a more modern form, with thousands of non-toxic plastic spikes, harmless to the skin but with all the healing benefits of its legendary ancestor.

Bed of Nails is an acupressure treatment tool for home use that put pressure on the skin to help stimulate energy in the body that is often lacking due to stress, sedentary work, lack of movement, lack of rest and lack of a healthy living. It is a “recharging tool” that helps balance the energy in the body. If stressed, it calms you down. If tired, it energizes you. Just think of how you feel after a workout.

How does Bed of Nails work?

Bed of Nails is similar to acupuncture; the pressure of the rounded nails against the skin may help the body release endorphins*, the body’s very own “happiness drug” which provides a sense of joy, energy and pain relief, and oxytocin*, which makes you calm and relaxed (yes, it is possible to feel energetic and relaxed at the same time!)

Bed of Nails is an excellent aid in self-treatment that helps stimulate energy in the body. While triggering the body’s innate way of healing itself, it is an effective tool for easing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation. Bed of Nails may also help the body rid itself of toxins, so it is important to drink water after using Bed of Nails.

Everybody reacts differently to Bed of Nails, and the effects can even vary from time to time; after using Bed of Nails, you may feel; sleepy, alert, relaxed, happy. Many people experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, improved circulation, heightened body temperature, increased vitality, and a clearer mind.

What is Bed of Nails used for?

If used regularly for a long enough period of time Bed of Nails may:

-Improve circulation
-Increase energy level
-Reduce blood pressure
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Alleviate headache and malaise
-Relieve tension and muscle aches
-Improve sleep and relieve insomnia
-Relieve chronic neck and back pain
-Activate the parasympathetic nervous system
-Benefit weight loss by reducing cortisol levels
-Improve heart rate variability
-Revitalize and rejuvenate
-Improve skin complexion
-Relieve constipation
-Alleviate cellulite

How do I use my Bed of Nails?

Suggested use: 10 to 20 minutes or as long as you desire, preferably daily. Bed of Nails Mat, Pillow and Strap can be used for different body parts.

Bed of Nails is used by many athletes, yoga practitioners and people in the general workplace, who are interested in their wellbeing and want to feel better and more relaxed in their everyday life. Due to its circulation benefits it is also widely used by elderly or people who are not able to be as active or people who are sitting a lot at their workplace.

Bed of Nails may be used to warm up muscles and joints, or to wind down/meditate/relax, or anytime during the day in order to alleviate stress, back pains, tensions or sleeping problems, or to generally help increase energy and blood circulation.



“Upgraded Shavasana!
As a university student I spend long dreary nights working on my laptop and straining my neck downwards browsing my phone obsessively. I can’t help but always end up getting into a series of positions that are really nasty for my posture and spinal health (I guess we’ve all been there). All the sitting cross-legged for long hours and hunching over my desk have definitely taken a toll on my body, as I find it harder and harder to get a good quality sleep even after clocking in a good 8 hours. Every morning I wake up to tired eyes, sore neck, really tense shoulders and a not-so-pleasant mood. I’ve been lying on the bed of nails once in the morning and once at night daily for a while now, and it has genuinely worked its magic on me. This acupressure mat definitely surpasses burning lavender oil or having a warm glass of milk in order to get a restful sleep! Also, I’m not confident in explaining the tingling yet comforting sensation this mat gives, it feels similar to the peace and content I can feel after being in the Shavasana yoga position, except that the effect is much more enhanced with the mat! This is delightful to lie on, if you’re someone who have a really poor habit of maintaining good postures or has a nervous disposition like me, this will definitely cast all the tension and pain away :-)”
S. Min, University Student, UK

“The Bed of Nails is a revolutionary tool. It doesn’t just obviously feel good, but with my background in stress management psychology, I know the physiological benefits from using it, and I constantly try to make my clients use it.”
Tanja Djelevic, Celebrity Trainer – Hollywood / Host Biggest Loser – Sweden

“In my personal life, Bed of Nails has helped me relax and battle insomnia. In my professional life, I have introduced it to a few of my clients with shoulder- and/or back problems, and it has helped them tremendously. I also have my clients with high stress jobs use it for meditation.”
Caroline Lindquist, Celebrity Trainer – Los Angeles

“This mat is like having a relaxing spa treatment at your fingertips all the time. It relieves the day’s tension within 10 minutes and although it can be quite shocking at first, once you settle in, the mat takes you on a ride to blissville! I fall asleep on mine every time. This mat rejuvenates and stimulates the body on the regular.”
Brookelin Gottlieb, City Yoga Manager – Hollywood

“This amazing product has changed my life!! I originally bought it in desperation to relieve the pain of a trapped nerve, feeling skeptical at the thought of subjecting myself to lying on nails!!! I mean, ouch right?? I was so wrong, you get used to the initial discomfort of first using the bed of nails and what follows after that is just pure bliss!! I’ve had better sleep, I feel intensely relaxed, my mind clears itself and I am able to focus and think clearly, my back pain disappeared and I now use it regularly for all types of pain before reaching for the medication box. I’ve fallen asleep on it many times. Thank you for bringing this to my life!!!”
Carmen Bottrell, Satisfied Customer – Plymouth, UK

*Endorphins are neurotransmitters, or peptides, and the word is short for endogenous and morphine, meaning a morphine-like substance created by the body itself. Endorphins reduce pain and create feelings of euphoria and wellbeing.

*Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in the blood stream, during for example childbirth, sex, or according to some scientists, massage. When released, it helps the body reduce pain, recuperate, as well as creating a feeling of calm and satisfaction.

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A Healthier Lifestyle a Thousand Years in the Making